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Individual Child Therapy

Child therapy encourages development of children's self-awareness, communication, self-control, respect, and resilience. Kate works alongside your child to help them process events and experiences including anxiety, anger, grief, divorce/separation, and illness. 

During therapy, children are able to develop their self-esteem, problem solve, communicate effectively and enhance their social skills. 

  • Offers creative, imaginative and child friendly counselling strategies

  • Helps children process complex and strong emotions in a safe and supportive environment

  • Provides valuable opportunities to learn and develop social and communication skills

  • Supports children to practise and master new skills, techniques and responses

  • Improves self esteem, confidence and independence

  • Develops emotional expression and regulation

  • Encourages stronger family relationships by helping the child and other family members understand one another

  • Develops a clearer understanding of the consequences of behaviour choices

  • Helps children to learn and master strategies to overcome difficulties

  • Decreases frequency and intensity of problematic behaviours

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers children the opportunity to practise and enhance skills learnt in a 1:1 environment in a safe and fun setting!

Groups will run over a 4 week period and children are matched in age, personalities and areas to develop. Groups vary in size from 2 children to a maximum of 6 children per group. 

Areas of focus:

  • Enriching social skills such as sharing, listening, turn taking, interacting with peers and building confidence to express thoughts and feelings clearly

  • Learning to respect ourselves and each other

  • Reading body cues and developing an awareness of others

  • Problem solving and reasoning 

  • Perspective taking


  • Enhances communication skills

  • Encourages emotional regulation

  • Builds confidence

  • Develops team building and sharing

  • Improves self esteem, confidence and independence

  • Develops emotional expression and regulation within a group setting

  • Encourages stronger relationships with peers

  • Helps children to learn and implement problem solving skills 

  • Encourages development of relationship boundaries

$100 per session for 4 weeks. 

To book your child's place, please contact Kate

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