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You may be thinking “Why is Kate writing a blog about superheroes?” and “How can they help us in the real world? Superheroes are everywhere and so many of us are drawn to them. Often we aspire to be like them, we see them as role models as they encapsulate truth, honesty and heroic deeds, and we want others to see that in us. Other times we just wish we had their abilities!

When I was a child, I used to really look forward to watching re runs of the 1960’s Batman TV show every Saturday morning. Every week I would tune in at the “…same bat-time and same bat-channel”. It would be an escape from reality and into a world full of adventures! Each episode Batman and Robin would conquer evil, battle wrongdoings and ultimately save the world from destruction without breaking a sweat!

My favourite superhero has to be Wonder Woman. She is courageous, compassionate and always seeks to help and support those that need it.

I found myself wondering what we could learn from these superheroes whether we are young or that little bit older….

Observation: Every Superhero has a cause

Some heroes have really simple sounding goals (fight crime, deliver justice), whereas others have more complex goals (push the limits of ingenuity, maintain balance in the world). Often, the better you understand the cause of the character, the more you understand about their actions. I always think the best example of this is Captain America. As the first avenger, he knows his core values and beliefs of compassion, courage, loyalty, and perseverance and uses these values to direct him where he needs to go.

Learning: Know your own values and beliefs

Having an awareness of our personal and professional values can help us in many ways. It can help us to make good decisions and take action when we need to. Our values and beliefs act as a compass to guide us through the life we want to lead, and often in the moment of tough decisions we don’t have time to think about our own cause. Take the time to really think about what you value and what is important to you:

Try to list your overarching goals or causes. For most of these, you will be able to break them down into bitesize chunks. Try setting a time limit so you don’t get stuck on those goals that cannot be broken down further. Then see how you can develop or progress in these directions. By having broken them down into smaller chunks, you overcome the stress and procrastination that can be created by having too much to do. Encourage growth and success in yourself: one battle, mission and villain at a time.

Observation: Superheroes have weaknesses

It is easy to think that these superheros never falter under pressure or have something that really challenges them each day but they do! It’s just that (for most of them) they are not afraid of having weaknesses in their lives. For some of the heroes, their weaknesses remind them of powerful truths – they are mortal, they can hurt, people can manipulate them, etc. Of course, they also need weaknesses to be more relatable!

Learning: Accept your flaws and weakness

Most of us know our flaws and weaknesses already, but a lot of damage can be done by trying to hide them. Sometimes finding the strength to acknowledge that these weaknesses actually exist can help build resilience understand the corresponding strengths. Other times, acknowledging our weaknesses can help us avoid destructive patterns or repeating a mistake from the past.

Try to identify what is your kryptonite – the thing that you know takes away your ability to perform well. It could be stress, lack of sleep, not being loved, feeling unappreciated, or any number of things. Once you find this, try to learn to accept this about yourself. Take the opportunity to tell your close friends & family and build relationships around you based on trust and honesty.

Finally, one of the best things we can learn from these heroes is that they still needed to work with each other, and the rest of us. By practising self-acceptance it can help us see and understand the qualities and flaws we all have. Some days we need to be the hero, but other days we need someone else to be ours.


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