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Welcome to Cherry Tree Counselling, a supportive and compassionate counselling service based in South Perth, WA.


My name is Kate and I am a qualified Counsellor and Primary School Teacher with extensive experience working with children.

Cherry Tree Counselling supports you in a range of areas but specialises in the following:

  • Supporting childhood development

  • Strengthening positive behaviour at school and at home

  • Anxiety management

  • Emotional regulation

  • Supporting parents to build strategies to assist them in family life


About Kate

My name is Kate and I am a qualified Counsellor and Primary School Teacher with 20 years experience working with children. I am particularly passionate about supporting children to overcome anxiety, enhance emotional regulation,  and to further develop social skills.

I will tailor sessions to your child's needs and requirements to ensure they receive the optimum support. 

Qualifications & Professional Associations: 

I am a registered Counsellor with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia. (Registration Number 27182.)

I hold a Master of Counselling degree from Monash University, as well as a Bachelors degree in Education, a Post Graduate teaching degree and a Diploma in Childhood Development and Early Years Education.


Areas Cherry Tree Counselling can help...


Most of us worry or fear as we go through different stages in life. When these thoughts and feelings stop you from doing what you enjoy, it may be time to seek support from a professional counsellor. 

Counselling can support you to explore these fears and worries and to learn techniques to better manage difficult situations in the future.

Emotional Regulation

It can be difficult to respond to challenging experiences and situations. When emotional regulation fails, it can lead us to behave in a way that we can often regret later. 

Learning techniques to better manage emotions and how to communicate these thoughts and feelings to loved ones is an important part of developing our emotional intelligence.

Counselling can offer the opportunity to develop healthy coping strategies to use at home, school or work to encourage healthy development and growth. 

Stress & Exams

Exams can often cause us to become stressed and overwhelmed. Whilst a little stress can be useful in these situations to help with focus, having too much stress has the opposite effect and makes studying difficult. 

Counselling can provide opportunity for children and young people to develop healthy coping strategies for stress management and exam preparation in order to enhance performance.

Social Skills

Development of communication skills will support healthy relationships with our peers. 
Having good social skills encourages emotional regulation, friendships and builds confidence.

Group sessions are available over a 4 week period where children will be supported to enhance these skills alongside their peers in a small group setting. 

Grief and Loss

Grief is a difficult but important process that allows us to come to terms with loss.


Pain and loss can feel overwhelming at any age so talking with a counsellor in a safe space can help you identify how you feel, acknowledge your emotional responses and work to adopt healthy strategies to help you look after yourself and your loved ones. 

Life Transitions 

Some changes in life are welcome and others happen suddenly which can result in anxiety or stress. 

Transitions in life such as moving to a new location, or changes within the family can offer opportunities for growth and development but can be very hard to adjust to. 

Counselling can help you to build resilience, develop your confidence, and enhance your  parenting skills.

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