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Individual Therapy

Attending therapy with a counsellor allows you to work through any difficulties you are experiencing in the present or those that stay with us from the past.


Counselling allows you to progress in a safe, non-judgemental environment that respects you as an individual, no matter your current situation.


Kate offers a number of different evidence based methods and strategies to help you progress and fulfill your life goals.


  • Engage in a safe and confidential space to discuss and explore experiences, worries, and challenges

  • Gain insight from a counsellor to help develop strategies for personal growth

  • Develop and enhance self awareness and resilience

  • Be heard and valued

  • Deeper understanding of ourselves and our environment to help self-regulate our emotions and become more resilient

  • Growth of self-confidence and self-acceptance – particularly after major life transitions or traumatic events

  • Improvement of our interpersonal skills & therefore enhanced relationships with others

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Video and phone counselling is ideal for clients who may be in remote towns, FIFO, interstate, or even based internationally.


The following options are commonly used at Cherry Tree Counselling but other methods may be possible depending on your circumstances.

Skype & Zoom

Skype and Zoom enables clients to have an interactive counselling session. Zoom offers a wider functionality including a common drawing space for collaborative working. Both platforms will require the client to set up a free account.

Phone Counselling

For those more familiar with phone conversations, or who do not have access to the internet, Kate is happy to offer counselling via phone.

  • Allows for easy access to counselling sessions to fit around your work/life balance

  • Offers additional opportunity for those who may need a more discrete or flexible support system

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy combines the great benefits of therapy with the added bonus of physical movement.


Occasionally the therapy room can feel too clinical and cause a sense of being overwhelmed and “stuck” with the issues we are facing. Studies have shown that movement can help free the mind and body to process those issues troubling you.

Walk and Talk Therapy can offer great opportunities to meet in a less formal environment, speak comfortably and take in the surroundings of the South Perth foreshore.

pexels-mental-health-america-(mha)-5542878 (1).jpg
  • Walking and being in the natural light can help with anxiety and mood, and natural environments have been proven to help us de-stress and relax

  • You set the pace! Walking will be second to our conversations so we can take it as slow as you are comfortable with

  • A great way to practice those mindfulness skills to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Walking and talking with a counsellor can help create a sense of distance between you and the issues, which can help you relax allowing your mind to process those complex thoughts and feelings clearly

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