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A Little Discomfort can be Healthy

Whilst on holiday in the Scottish Highlands back in 2015, reluctantly, I attempted to climb Britain’s highest mountain - Ben Nevis. Ben Nevis (Gaelic for “Mountain with its head in the clouds”) stands at 1,345 metres above sea level! I can honestly say, it is the most challenging “walk up a grassy hill” I have ever done!!

Stepping out of our comfort zone can make us feel scared, challenged and obviously, uncomfortable!

So why do it?

When I reached the top, although I was exhausted, the sense of accomplishment I felt was amazing. I was worried about the climb because of the fear of disappointing myself and others if I didn’t manage it or if my pace was not fast enough.

Standing at the peak, looking down at the beautiful Scottish Highlands, I felt incredibly proud of myself for doing something so far out of my comfort zone. Facing my fear was scary and walking up this mountain definitely made me feel very uncomfortable, but the sense of accomplishment was something very difficult to put into words and something I will never forget.

Stepping outside of my comfort zone has acted as a catalyst for my personal growth and has provided powerful motivation to try new things. 5 years on from this experience and I would definitely do it again. I will just make sure I pack a bigger supply of chocolate to assist my climb!!

A little discomfort, such as walking up a mountain, can be healthy and can teach us a few important lessons:

Don’t let fear stop you, go at your own pace and most importantly….appreciate life’s great beauty!


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