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Don't Stop Believing

I am sure that everyone has at least heard this song by Journey at least once in their life. It has been covered many times by different artists over the years.

So, I was wondering what message this song brings you when you hear it pumping through the airwaves.

As with so many songs, there are many interpretations of the themes, meanings and purpose of the song. However, according to Jonathan Cain who wrote the song, the main message is to encourage us to remain positive and optimistic through the challenges we experience. In fact, the title of the song came from his Dad, telling him to stay put despite the difficult situation trying to make it as a musician.

The song depicts people from all walks of life. Some who have ventured off into the unknown, others searching for something in the darkness but not sure what. One thing they all appear to have in common is their quest to find something meaningful in their lives.

As the song progresses, we are given a clearer picture to see the fates of these different characters. “Some will win, some will lose” but the one thing all these people in the song have in common, is that they are all searching for something in life.

We all fall down through life’s challenges, but it is important to encourage ourselves to get back up and continue to walk again in the knowledge that we are going in the right direction and one day the walk may be a little easier. Although Jonathan had his Dad to keep encouraging him, sometimes we don’t have many people but ourselves to rely on.

Believing in yourself is important. It builds our self-esteem – helping us realise we can achieve more than we might think, and builds our resilience – helping us get back up after things have not gone so well. If you feel like your resilience or self-esteem are lower than you would want them to be, you are not alone. Counselling can really help in these areas, so why not contact Kate today.

Whether you feel like you are winning, losing, or singing the blues at the moment, Don’t Stop Believin’ has a message for all of us. Life can be challenging, but finding someone to help you, and keeping on believing in yourself are both of utmost importance as we navigate the great Journey of life!


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