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Hope Springs

As we say goodbye to winter and approach the start of spring here in Australia, I am reminded how much this season is linked with hope. Spring is one of my favourite seasons and as it etches ever closer, it is a real treat for all the senses as new flowers bloom with their sweet scent filling the air, birds singing in the trees and the sun warming us once more. When I was a child, spring signalled the time to wash all the curtains and have a good spring clean as we can often feel ourselves renewed of energy.

Spring can be a positive motivator for change in our lives. People often use this time to develop their personal growth or they may find new hope in themselves and others. In simple terms, hope can bring optimism and encourages us to overcome the challenges we are facing.

Hope is often a refuge from doubt and fear that can plague us at times. Whether it is worrying about the climate, a loved one who is ill, or paying the bills, hope is a candle within us that we light (or others light for us) to help guide us through those times of darkness.

With so much going on in our lives and the world, it can be difficult to hold onto hope so how can we try?

  • Take one step at a time by doing the things you know you can do each day, however small. That action can make a difference over time and help you to not feel so hopeless.

  • Try and perform an act of kindness to someone or yourself. Studies have shown that when the body releases serotonin (the happy chemical), it can calm stress and anxiety about a situation. These small acts of kindness can help you feel more connected and help you feel that you are contributing to something.

  • Be aware of what you are telling yourself. We will all be hard on ourselves at one time or another, so allow these thoughts to pass through and treat yourself with compassion – you deserve it! Don’t let these thoughts impact your behaviour.

The power of retaining an inner hope will make continuing with difficult times easier, and when times do change, should help us embrace that change, and throughout it all to grow as human beings. Probably because of that, many poets and musicians have written about the power of hope, throughout history.

I wanted to finish this blog with a piece of music. I have chosen a song by Johnny Flynn - The Detectorists (based on the TV show of the same name - more about this poignant and touching comedy soon). The song not only reminds me of those warm sunny days filled with hope for the future, but its message is sweet and brings comfort with its gentle, soulful, folk melody.

May it inspire us in those dark times and help us see the beauty and hope in nature.

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