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Lessons from The Good Place

There are times when lessons really stand out from a TV show or film and ‘The Good Place’ was one of those for me. In particular, I felt Kristen Bell’s character, Eleanor Shellstrop, developed the most during the show and the lessons she experienced are perhaps relevant to all of us.

Pobody’s Norfect

One of the things that stood out for me was that all of these characters made mistakes but feel like they shouldn’t! We all mess up sometimes, having the resilience in order to learn from it and accept it is important. Nobody is perfect!

Be kind to people

This one follows on from the previous point. There is a scene very near the end of the series finale when Eleanor reaches out to Mindy from the Medium Place to try and encourage her to go through the new process of getting into the Good Place. Eleanor had nothing to gain from this act, she had realised through her journey and experiences that it is good to be kind and good to help others. I think Eleanor was very brave considering how abrasive Mindy could be at times! It is something that really struck me…. to be brave and help others can be challenging but it can be good to do so, providing it is safe.

Ask for help when you need it

One of Eleanor’s biggest faults was she took the idea of self-reliance to the very extreme! When she found out she had accidently been put in The Good Place, she reached out to Chidi who she thought could help her. Admittedly, she didn’t do this for the best of reasons, but she did ask and often that is often the hardest part of any journey. Seeing any new client for the first time, I usually remind them that it takes a lot of courage and bravery to ask for support and I am always amazed by people’s inner strength.

It is ok to be vulnerable

Often this is the reason that people don’t want to ask for help. It is possibly one of Eleanor’s biggest and hardest lessons in the entire show - she spent most of her life taking care of herself, and convincing herself that she didn't want or need anyone else. In the end, she learns that being vulnerable actually made her happier. Eleanor finally learns that letting people in can be really helpful and rewarding. This is a tough one for us all to learn and due to painful past experiences, can make it all the scarier.

It’s important to remember that we all have times where we need to reach out for help and be vulnerable. Just as Eleanor had Chidi, it’s important to find someone safe, caring and supportive to help you through these times. If you feel you would like someone external to the situation to support you with your challenges today, contact Kate on 0479 156 471 or contact Kate here to arrange your free 15 minute phone consultation.

Enjoying simple pleasures

Finally, no matter how much we grow and develop as people, it is really important to not lose sight of the enjoyment of the simple things. Like Eleanor’s love for Stone Cold Steve Austin, we all deserve an indulgence of the little things we enjoy the most. It can help build us up when we feel down and can be a great conversation starter in social situations!

The Good Place teaches us to be confident with who we are, to be ok to ask for support and always try to build up yourself and those around you with love and kindness.

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