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Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers is another one of my favourite children’s books (yes I do have quite collection). If you have not read it, allow me to briefly explain the plot of this wonderful and touching children’s story about the meaning of loneliness and the importance of friendship.

One day, a penguin turns up on a young boy’s doorstep. Thinking he is lost; he takes him to the lost and found office only to discover that (surprisingly) nobody is missing a penguin.

The quest to find where this penguin came from leads the boy on a long journey to return him to the South Pole. As the penguin watches the boy float away, he looks even sadder. The penguin decides to follow the boy and the two are finally reunited as the boy realises that returning home was not what the penguin was looking for after all.

When helping children discussing feelings and thoughts, this story is often a lovely place to start.

This book has no dialog between the two characters so asking children what the boy and the penguin might be feeling when they first meet can open up easy conversations. Perhaps you can discuss why the penguin follows the boy? What do you think the penguin wants or is looking for?

When the boy leaves the penguin at the South Pole, he clearly made a mistake. The good thing is the book clearly shows us that we all do that, but fixing these mistakes can result in still reaching our happy ending. Talk about making mistakes and how we can resolve them. Perhaps with older children we can talk about what we have learned from them?

The penguin was very lonely. Discuss what it might feel like to be lonely. and how we can help others when they feel lonely. What can your child do when they feel lonely?

This provides a lovely lead in to discuss friendships and what makes a good friend. It is a particularly nice topic if your child is struggling with making friends.

Loneliness can be very troubling and sad at any age. Kate is a trained counsellor with expertise in helping children build emotional strength, resilience or develop social skills. If this is something you feel your child may benefit from, please contact Kate for your free, no obligation 15 minute phone consultation.

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